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IT-Berater für Best Practices bei Computer- und Internetsicherheit. Datensicherungslösungen mit Open-Source- und oft kostenlosen Lösungen.

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ZEKLINK Notebook Reparatur wurde im Jahr 2009 gegründet. IT-Berater für Best Practices bei Computer- und Internetsicherheit. LGBTQ Friendly. Datensicherungslösungen mit Open-Source- und oft kostenlosen Lösungen.

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ZEKLINK® ist mehr als nur Laptop und Computer Reparatur!

Wir haben mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich EDV Reparatur in Muenchen.

PC / Laptop Reparatur


Geben Sie Ihrem Laptop oder PC ein Makeover mit einem neuen SSD-Laufwerk. Datenübertragung von Ihrem alten Laufwerk auf Ihr neues Laufwerk inklusive Upgrade von Hardware und Betriebssystem pauschal €175

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Wir sind laut Google Business Places auf Platz #1 der Reparatur-Anbieter in München mit mehr als 90 Fünf-Sterne-Rezensionen.

H.Hager (Taufkirchen)
Erstklassiger Service, sehr kompetent und das zu vernünftigen Preisen!
Solche Werkstätten muss man unterstützen, sonst gibt es nur noch Wegwerfgesellschaft!
Schon mehrfach glücklicher Kunde!
G. Williams (Haidhausen-Au)
I was very happy to have found Zeklink
They gave a superb service and our laptop was restored in a couple of days at a reasonable price.
Cheers to Zeklink from GW in der Au
Martin Jauch (Muenchen)
Erstklassiger Service und Kommunikation, beste fachliche Kompetenz im Rahmen einer Erneuerung meines 5 Jahre alten Dell-Laptops. Unter Zeitdruck wurde mir der Wunsch nach einer schnellen Festplatte überraschend preiswert erfüllt. Alle vorhandenen Daten und Anwendungen wurden mir wieder aufgespielt. Dabei gezielte Verbesserungsvorschläge gemacht / besprochen und gleich installiert. Der Laptop läuft einwandfrei und meine Fragen wurden mit Geduld beantwortet. Ich liebe solch verständliche Experten, die ihren vielfachen Wissensvorsprung nicht raushängen lassen sondern im Gegenteil Dich auf Deinem Niveau abholen und Dich dabei ernst nehmen, auch und insbesondere preislich.
Editor Bob (Director, Toytown Germany)
These guys detected and helped close some serious security vulnerabilities in the Toytown Germany web server. So I can also give them my recommendation.
the.frollein (Stuttgart)
Another satisfied customer here – personal, friendly and very competent service, at an extremely fair price. My fairly old laptop was on its last legs, and they not only brought back it to life, but its running better than before. I don’t live in Munich – Zeklink had me send it to them and kept me up to date on its arrival in their workshop, and the work that was done to it, via WhatsApp.
Thanks again, guys!
ZaphodsSecondHead (Oberschleissheim)
Cheers to Zeklink! With the amount of noise from the heat management system, working with my laptop was turning out to be a nightmare. Thanks to Patrick and Zeklink the problem was fixed within a few days – and that too at a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend to my friends.
Arianne H.B., (Schwabing)
Much praise and many thanks to ZEKLINK. My laptop had been acting up; various sources suggesting it might be a software OS problem. Unfortunately problems persisted, which is when I brought it to Patrick. He was able to open up my machine and determine it as a hard-drive problem overnight. Within only a couple of days, I had a new hard-drive, brand new and fully replaced. He even went so far as to replace/fix any worn components on the keyboard, monitor, and clean up the entire machine – inside and out. My laptop came back brand new, already set up with software and key drivers all installed. As someone who is lost when it comes to computers, this was an incredibly quick, affordable, and stress-free experience. Only good things to say. I highly recommend.
Rodica M. (Schweizer Platz)
Padraic este un tip pe cinste, un foarte bun profesionist. L-am contactat pentru ca aveam un PC si un laptop ce nu mai functionau ok. Padraic a venit a doua zi la mine acasa si mi-a readus rapid calculatoarele la viata. Multumesc mult pentru ajutor si explicatii! Cu siguranta voi apela si pe viitor la Padraic, ori de cate ori voi avea nevoie.
Oranna E. (Pienzenauer  Str.)
Ich kann Padraic wärmstens für das Wieder-Flott-Machen Eurer  “alten” (was immer das heißen mag) Computer bzw. Laptops empfehlen! Ich hatte Padraic gebeten, alles dafür zu tun, damit ich meinen 6 Jahre alten Laptop noch möglichst lange benutzen kann (ohne Anschaffung eines zusätzlichen Computers). Er hat mir dann ein neues Betriebssystem installiert und eine SSD-Festplatte sowie einen neuen Ventilator eingebaut. Mein “alter” Laptop ist wie neu, schneller als je zuvor, natürlich auch erstmals “leise” und hat mehr Speicherkapazität. Super! Vielen Dank Padraic, dass Du Dich auf meine minimalistische und konservative (im Sinne von erhaltend) Linie eingelassen hast und meine Wünsche umgesetzt hast!
Also from my side, i fully recommend Patrick’s services.
My PlayStation3 stopped playing all disks, and i did not want to buy a new one.
After searching and searching all over internet for a place to get it repaired, i found Patrick.
I have sent the PS3 to him from the post office – and he did an excellent job to repair it.
Also the price was good and competitive.
So yes – fully recommendation from my side for Patrick!Excellent job, mate, keep it on the same level!
For satellite we have Bavaria Satellite, for laptop and computer repairs we have Padraic from ZEKLINK!His service really is that good. My laptop had multiple problems. Most people recommended trashing it and buying a new one. Well, for a fraction of the price of a new one, I ended up with a perfectly functioning machine with a few nice added extras. I sent the laptop by post down to him last Friday at 4pm. By 10am the next day, he was working on it. We exchanged multiple emails as we worked out a financially viable way to fix the problems. The price I ended up paying was very, very reasonable. I got it back yesterday, and it really is working like a new machine. Worth every penny!
Hi, I thought I’d post on here to endorse Padraic’s services as he’s helped me out too recently. I had an old Sony Vaio that needed complete overhaul and cleaning up as it had effectively stopped working. Padraic came to my office to pick it up, fixed it (without losing any of the documents on it – some which I had forgotten I even had), and returned it within 10 days for an excellent price. I’d recommend him strongly for anyone else looking to salvage some service from an old laptop, or any other IT related problem. Great service.
I just had Padraic fix my Laptop and cannot recommend him enough. My Screen was broken and two keys needed replacing. It’s a brand new laptop so I was sick at the thought of having to replace it. Padraic did a great job and at a very reasonable price, he kept me informed on his progress and was really helpful, providing loads of advice on care and maintenance. Best repair guy in Munich by miles! Excellent Service!
Just a quick note to say that Patrick did a tremendous job fixing my computer. Not only did he pick it up, keep me updated with progress, fix it and drop it off all within a few hours, he also gave me heaps of advice on how to keep my computer safe and watch programmes from the UK easily and safely. I would recommend him to you all, but I just hope I don’t have to use him again.
I availed Padraic’s service a month ago for my ailing Dell XPS laptop that I thought would be sent to trash. But he fixed it and also did some additional clean up, plus his useful advice all along. Very professional, soft-spoken and above all very patient to answer all our questions. REASONABLE PRICE
Highly recommended!!!
I just picked up a laptop from Padraic and it works again. I honestly didn’t think he would be able to fix it as it was really damaged. A really reliable service with regular updates and pictures to explain what he is doing. I highly recommend his work.
I found Padraic’s coordinates and reviews here – as my PC went out, and this person had good reviews, I thought I should give it a try and hope for the best.That is exactly what happened: Padraic is a great guy, willing to help as much as possible. In 3 days my problem was fixed and for a reasonable price, considering he had to come 3 times on site to get some parts and test them.
I highly recommend anyone in Munich area encountering PC issue(s) to give him a call, you’ll be in good hands!
Oh, I forgot to add that Padraic speaks both German and English
Patrick hat eine gute Arbeit gemacht.
2 von meinen Computers waren kaputt und er hat alles repariert.
Ich bin sicher, dass ich immer wieder Patrick anrufen kann, da er mir helfen kann.
Fantastic service – fast flexible and straightforward. Patrick could not have done more to try and save my laptop, but he did save all my data (and my life) I just wish I had found out about him 2 months earlier.
I cannot recommend him and his services highly enough. Thank you so much!

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Laptop und PC Reparatur

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