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Notebook richtig einsenden

So verpacken Sie Ihr Gerät richtig Damit Ihr bereits defektes Gerät nicht noch weiter beschädigt wird, ist es notwendig es korrekt zu verpacken. Zwar können Sie in den meisten Paketshops Ihre Pakete versichern, aber auch hierfür gelten Regeln. So muss Ihr Paket einen Sturz aus Höhen von ca. einem Meter problemlos überstehen können. Ebenso sollte das Paket einige Kilos Belastung… read more

PC Magazin “Chip” hat uns besucht, lesen Sie die PDF Doku hier im Blog

Lesen_Sie_hier_CHIP_Notebook_reparieren_PDF_Doku read more

Neuen Betriebspartner

ZEKLINK hat ein neuen Betriebspartner Namens Tecnet24 read more

Crypto Currencies

I can see a day when you leave the house it won’t be have i got my “keys, wallet, phone” but… have i got my phone. The smart phone and NFC (near field communication) will eventually replace our keys and wallets. We will pay for items using QR Codes and Crypto Currency at the Supermarket, phones will replace ID cards… read more

copy running config tftp permission denied

Make sure you run your TFTP application as “Administrator” This had me baffled for a few minutes, I couldn’t work out why my files wouldn’t transfer. read more

We are here

We are located just behind the Deutsches Museum. Best S-Bahn stop is Isartor. Lilien Strasse 42 in the parking-lot, last door on the right. We don’t just do PC’s and Notebooks, but all sorts of electronic items including Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s.   read more

When was your last service?

Most PC’s and Notebooks need to be serviced at least every three years.  Dust is what causes most problems. A recent find in a customers PC. read more

Windows 10?

To update or not? Microsoft are forcing a lot of people to upgrade their notebooks and PC’s to Windows 10. We advise against this as it is causing more problems than it’s worth. Windows 10 not only forces itself onto your PC it uses your bandwidth in the background to deliver updates to other PC’s outside of your home. Cortana… read more